2023 Fall edition of the Introduction to Software Development (COMPSCI 2ME3) course

Study materials can be found on Avenue.

Student presentation topics

Contact me in email if you’re interested in a topic or two.

Domain-specific languages (DSLs)
Version control systems
xUnit patterns (stub, dummy, etc)
Unit testing in CI/CD pipelines, e.g., on GitHub (hands-on presentation)
Test-driven development (TDD)
Documentation in Java with JavaDoc (hands-on)
Static analysis
Software sustainability
Software project management
How AI transforms software engineering: the case of ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot
Software certification

Topics already covered:

Software in the age of AI: special considerations of AI/ML software
Functional programming

Recommended reading

[1] Ian Sommerville:
Software Engineering

[2] Martin Robillard:
Introduction to Software
Design with Java