Two papers accepted for this year’s MODELS workshops

Our vision paper Inference of Simulation Models in Digital Twins by Reinforcement Learning, with Jessie Galasso and Eugene Syriani has been accepted to the 1st International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering of Digital Twins.

In addition, our paper Modeling the Engineering Process of an Agent-based Production System: An Exemplar Study, with Burak Karaduman (first author) and Moharram Challenger, both of the University of Anwerp, Belgium, has been accepted to the 3rd International Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modelling for Cyber-Physical Systems (MPM4CPS’21).

As the prime conference of the modeling community, the workshops of MODELS serve a crucial role in the early validation of preliminary scientific work, and new visions. Our workshop joins this cause with five presentations and multiple hands-on evaluation sessions.