Cyber-Biophysical Systems for Controlled Environment Agriculture

Here’s a nice piece (in French) on our latest project in collaboration with Winter Farm on modeling and simulation of Cyber-Biophysical Systems for Controlled Environment Agriculture: Our contribution focuses on the development of digital shadows and digital twins with advanced simulation and optimization capabilities to control the lifecycle of vegetation.

There are about a billion people across ninety countries who do not have enough to eat. In a Controlled Environment Agriculture setting, vegetables and fruits are grown in a closed and controlled environment, using artificial lighting and managed environmental conditions that offer a cost-efficient, sustainable and healthy solution to cope with the concerns and challenges of local food production. With appropriate optimization measures, the lifecycle of vegetation can be aligned with the dynamics of the overall supply chain in a way that it further minimizes waste.

What a fantastic opportunity to contribute to something greater than one’s impact factor! Very proud to be part of this initiative.