Accepted NSERC Alliance and Mitacs project proposals on Digital Twins

Our Mitacs Accelerate proposal with Ferme d’Hiver Technologies on Multi-paradigm digital twin framework for biophysical systems: Application to vertical farming for five internship units has been accepted recently. The project creates positions for two Master Thesis students and one Master Internship student.
Earlier, our NSERC Alliance proposal with Ferme d’Hiver Technologies on Digital Twins for Vertical Farming has been accepted as well. The project creates a position for a post-doctoral researcher for two years.

Ferme d’Hiver is a leading company in the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) domain, aiming at optimizing the yield and the energy consumption of its operations by integrating various cutting-edge technologies to automate its production system and by recovering the heat produced by the vertical farming lights to heat adjacent greenhouses.

Our research directly contributes to these goals. The Master students and the postdoctoral researcher concentrate their efforts on delivering a multi-paradigm simulation approach to create digital twins of the underlying cyber-biophysical system. It is truly an honor to be part of a project with such immense social and economic impact.