Program Committee assignment at MPM4CPS 2023

I’m honored to serve on the Program Committee of the 5th International Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modelling for Cyber-Physical Systems (MPM4CPS), co-located with the ACM/IEEE 26th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS), 2023.

System complexity has drastically increased once software components were introduced in the form of embedded systems, controlling physical parts of the system, and has only grown in CPS, where the networking aspect of the systems and their environment are also considered. The complexity faced when engineering CPS is mostly due to the plethora of cross-disciplinary design alternatives and inter-domain interactions. To date, no unifying theory nor system design methods, techniques, or tools to design, analyze, and ultimately deploy CPS exist. Individual (physical systems, software, network) engineering disciplines offer only partial solutions and are no match for CPS complexity. Multi-Paradigm Modeling (MPM) offers a foundational framework for gluing the several disciplines together in a consistent way. The inherent complexity of CPS is broken down into most appropriate views and architectures, at most appropriate levels of abstraction and expressed in appropriate modeling formalisms, each with precisely defined semantics.

MPM4CPS is the continuation of the successful MPM series of MODELS workshops aiming at defining the future directions of this emerging research area by bringing together world experts for an intense one-day workshop.


1-3 October, 2023
Västerås, Sweden
Co-located with this year’s MODELS Conference.


-Foundations of domain-specific modelling, with a particular focus on classifications of the various dimensions around MPM (formalisms; processes; related activities such as V&V, deployment, calibration, etc.; tools, and methodologies);
-Modelling language engineering, modular design of modelling languages, with a particular focus on de-/composition;
-Co-simulation, coordination algorithms ensuring correct simulation results
-Model Management with, and for, MPM4CPS: challenges, techniques, tools.
-Applications of MPM techniques in automotive, aviation, manufacturing, etc.
-MPM for (self-)adaptive systems
-MPM approaches, techniques and tools for related domains: IoT, Digital Twins, SmartCPS
-Social impacts processes in CPS, Large Data Management Modelling in CPS


-July 17, 2023 – Paper submission deadline
-August 15, 2023 – Notification of acceptance
-August 22, 2023 – Final papers submission deadline
-October 1‒3, 2023 – Workshop. Details TBA.