Panel discussion on the role of modeling in the analysis and design of sustainable systems

I’m thrilled to participate in the panel discussion at this year’s EMMSAD in Zaragoza.

Together with Giancarlo Guizzardi, Sergio España, and Iris Reinhartz-Berger, we will discuss “The Role of Modeling in the Analysis and the Design of Sustainable Systems“.

Sustainability is becoming a first-class principle in modern systems engineering. Our systems engineering methods, however, are limited in supporting these sustainability ambitions. Advanced digital facilities, such as Digital Twins and the Digital Thread are important steps in the right direction, but is this enough? What are the key challenges associated with sustainable systems, their design, operation, and post-life; what are the success factors; and what repercussions do these factors have on the education of the next generation of systems engineering workforce?

Join us for this panel on June 12 and be part of the discussion.