Teaching – 2023 Fall

I’ll teach the Introduction to Software Development (COMPSCI 2ME3) course at McMaster University from September.

Teaching material and announcements will be available on this page: https://istvandavid.com/compsci-2me3.

Briefly about the topics: classes and inheritance, class invariants, interface specifications; object-oriented design patterns; exception handling; tools for interface documentation, testing, program analysis; requirements documentation; quality attributes; development models.
Format: three lectures one tutorial (two hours).
Second term Prerequisite(s): COMPSCI 2DM3, 2S03.
Prerequisite(s) (EFFECTIVE 2021-2022): COMPSCI 1XC3 and 1XD3.
Co-requisite(s) (EFFECTIVE 2021-2022): COMPSCI 2LC3.